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Customised Apps – Top Industries

Home Tab

  • Are a great way to brand your application to your business. With the custom image immediately appearing in the background, it adds a nice professional look to your mobile application when the user first loads it.

Call us

  • “Tap to Call” – allow customers to directly contact your business quickly and easily

GPS Directions

  • Gives your customers GPS directions to your business

Tell a Friend

  • A function to help create a viral buzz and spread the word about your business’s new app through Facebook, Twitter and Email.

Push Button Messages

  • Directly market to customers through your app push button messages at anytime. Eg; Tuesday afternoon and there are no bookings for your restaurant you can send out a message offering free entree or glass of wine or beer with every main meal for ‘tonight only’. It’s free!

Menu Tab

  • List all your restaurants’ food and beverage menu, dine in or takeaway. Your customers can also order and pay for their meals through the app so they can just walk in and pick up their takeaway or sit down and be served straight away with no fuss!

QR Coupon Tab

  • Create QR enabled coupons for your customers to redeem at your business by scanning a specified QR Code. Built in ‘Rewards Card’.

GPS Scanner Tab

  • Build brand loyalty and encourage customers to become frequent buyers with the Built in Reward System. The best uses of a check-in system are to build loyalty with customers and also to offer an incentive program for repeat business.
  • Also, no more dealing with hole-punched paper cards! Let the customer do it themselves through the check-in system
  • Build brand-loyalty and encourage customers to become frequent buyers
  • With a Built in Reward System

Events Tab

  • Your very own Events page can easily be updated constantly highlighting your different specials and promotions eg; Takeaway Tuesdays, Happy Hours etc.

Email Photo Tab

  • An email photo tab function that allows a user to take a picture and send it directly to an email address specified by you. You can create an email photo tab titled ‘Party Cam’ and have the photo emailed directly to you to place on your restaurants’ Facebook page or customer photo wall. The uses for this tab are limitless. You can customize the image background, email, and email subject.

Image Gallery Tab

  • The image gallery tab is a native view of images on your mobile device. This is an awesome way to display just about any images of your business inside your app.

Fan Wall Tab

  • A fan wall tab is a tab function that allows your customers to log in via Facebook or Twitter to comment on the App wall for your business. This wall can be used for customer praise, fun, feedback, or connecting, the uses are endless!

Youtube Channel Tab

  • A Youtube Channel tab is used to display your business’s direct channel in a clean and clear format on mobile devices without having the user leave the App.

RSS Feed Tab

  • Keep customers informed with business news and information. RSS feeds load a web page that will consistently be updated without you ever having to change the information within the app. It’s a new form of sharing information and can now be integrated easily on your app. Updated with current news, links to articles, special offers, and all other types of useful information, your RSS feed can be a tab that your users check multiple times a day.

Mailing List Tab

  • This mailing list can be visualized as a rolodex for a newsletter. A newsletter is a form of communication that organisations use to inform their customers of news and changes they make. A mailing list and newsletter is crucial for a company that has updates and news, especially for periodic updates. Use this tab to collect your clients name and email addresses.
  • Examples: Newsletters, change of product/services offered, periodic updates and notifications, coupons and special offers, collecting users information

Website Tab

  • This is used to display different websites without having the user leave the app. This feature becomes very handy when promoting ones Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube or any other websites that do not contain Flash.
  • Any webpage can be easily integrated into your app by just inputting the correct web link.

Tip Calculator Tab

  • Is extremely useful for restaurants, dining or food service. This calculator allows the user to input the price of the bill, the tip percentage they wish to pay, and the number of paying parties. The calculator will then display the sum that each party should pay to split the bill.
  • Can also be used to find out how much each person needs to pay without the tip!

Mortgage Calculator Tab

  • This tool allows you to calculate a monthly repayment using variables such as loan amount, loan term and interest rate. The mortgage calculator will then return the results based on the information you input.

Built in Analytics

  • Displaying how many people have downloaded your app on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
  •  WOW your customers, market your business and create a mobile presence
  • Our mobile app packages are extremely affordable

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