Download Free Mobile Apps: 5 Surprising Advantages of Playing Mobile Games

It’s not new to us any more every time we see a group of people with their hands busy navigating their smart phones. What are they doing? It could be ‘texting’, checking messages, writing a reminder, surfing the net, watching videos, or playing a MOBILE GAME!

In a generation where almost every smart phone user can now download free mobile apps, we could safely assert that this era is simply the most technical.
Even youngsters already have basic knowledge on how to download and play mobile games by their own! The question is…

“Is playing mobile games beneficial to us?” If there are, what? Here are 5 surprising advantages:

1. Boost Creativity

There are countless ways to boost creativity. You can do arts like writing, dancing or anything that you think could enhance your“creative bullets!” But if you have no idea, there are those mobile games that can be a creativity booster!

Creativity involves turning your imagination to CREATION. However, that can be quite difficult to actualise through mobile gaming since you couldn’t build something tangible out of it. But that’s not the point. Mobile game players are satisfied seeing their imagination happening in the game. Ever tried “Minecraft?”

2. Enhance Vocabulary

In a world accompanied with countless languages, we could now conclude that an individual who has a remarkable arsenal of words is definitely a standout. However, having a full-packed vocabulary barrel isn’t that easy as what you think. You can’t use new words if you can’t fully understand them.

Some mobile games have their own creative words too. At first, those could be very annoying to you (depends in your perspective). Anyway, you’ll just learn and understand them unconsciously especially if you’re hooked with the game. Anyway, are you a fan of Scrabble? Try “Words With Friends!”

3. Encourage Competitiveness

As expected, playing mobile games makes you competitive since your objective is definitely to win the game? Well, others might think that it’s just some sort of stupidity, but it’s actually not. Every time you play, you’re also developing a sense of competitiveness – raising your standards to a different level.

“Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour” is one great example. You compete in a world filled with mission and battles. You instantly become a phenomenal spy, an incomparable assassin, or a shrewd secret agent. But don’t forget! It’s just a game!

4. Promote Connection

One of the perks we can get through mobile gaming is developing new connections. There are numerous games out there that feature a multiplayer system. With this setup, we could now assert that mobile gaming is also meant for connection and communication.

There are countless multiplayer games. To name a few, “UniWar HD, Real Racing 3, and Chess Time.” Do you know something better?

5. Strengthen Critical Thinking Skills

Candy Crush is one good example for this. You probably don’t realise that while playing it, you’re also enhancing your critical thinking skills! Think well, you’re not just crushing candies. You’re analysing, experimenting and making clever decisions as well. So, don’t underestimate the candy icons.

Grab your smart phones and get started!

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