Download Free Mobile Apps: 5 Surprising Advantages of Playing Mobile Games

It’s not new to us any more every time we see a group of people with their hands busy navigating their smart phones. What are they doing? It could be ‘texting’, checking messages, writing a reminder, surfing the net, watching videos, or playing a MOBILE GAME!

In a generation where almost every smart phone user can now download free mobile apps, we could safely assert that this era is simply the most technical.
Even youngsters already have basic knowledge on how to download and play mobile games by their own! The question is…

“Is playing mobile games beneficial to us?” If there are, what? Here are 5 surprising advantages:

1. Boost Creativity

There are countless ways to boost creativity. You can do arts like writing, dancing or anything that you think could enhance your“creative bullets!” But if you have no idea, there are those mobile games that can be a creativity booster!

Creativity involves turning your imagination to CREATION. However, that can be quite difficult to actualise through mobile gaming since you couldn’t build something tangible out of it. But that’s not the point. Mobile game players are satisfied seeing their imagination happening in the game. Ever tried “Minecraft?”

2. Enhance Vocabulary

In a world accompanied with countless languages, we could now conclude that an individual who has a remarkable arsenal of words is definitely a standout. However, having a full-packed vocabulary barrel isn’t that easy as what you think. You can’t use new words if you can’t fully understand them.

Some mobile games have their own creative words too. At first, those could be very annoying to you (depends in your perspective). Anyway, you’ll just learn and understand them unconsciously especially if you’re hooked with the game. Anyway, are you a fan of Scrabble? Try “Words With Friends!”

3. Encourage Competitiveness

As expected, playing mobile games makes you competitive since your objective is definitely to win the game? Well, others might think that it’s just some sort of stupidity, but it’s actually not. Every time you play, you’re also developing a sense of competitiveness – raising your standards to a different level.

“Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour” is one great example. You compete in a world filled with mission and battles. You instantly become a phenomenal spy, an incomparable assassin, or a shrewd secret agent. But don’t forget! It’s just a game!

4. Promote Connection

One of the perks we can get through mobile gaming is developing new connections. There are numerous games out there that feature a multiplayer system. With this setup, we could now assert that mobile gaming is also meant for connection and communication.

There are countless multiplayer games. To name a few, “UniWar HD, Real Racing 3, and Chess Time.” Do you know something better?

5. Strengthen Critical Thinking Skills

Candy Crush is one good example for this. You probably don’t realise that while playing it, you’re also enhancing your critical thinking skills! Think well, you’re not just crushing candies. You’re analysing, experimenting and making clever decisions as well. So, don’t underestimate the candy icons.

Grab your smart phones and get started!

Don’t leave without trying something new! Prepare all you’ve got tough guy with our Canyon rush free mobile games application. Timer starts now…

Ultimate Perks Of Using Free Mobile Games & Business Apps

It can no longer be denied. Reports show that sales from the so-called ‘smartphones’ have overtaken those from ‘dumbphones’ anywhere in the technological world. This only goes to show that the capacities of smartphones are growing synonymous with and have become an essential part of our daily living. Whether at home or in office, at work or at play, smartphones are now a significant typical fixture of the hands.

Getting the apps are easy. There are a number of them already installed when you purchase a tablet or any smartphone. If you still need more, you can easily download free mobile apps for entertainment, social networking and/or business purposes.

Why Should You Start Using Mobile & Business Apps?

Here are 3 advantages of keeping up with technology, innovation and change in order to complete your processes easily and quick. Likewise, it keeps your adrenaline high with nonstop gaming anywhere, anytime you’re on.

1. Ease and speed of use

Users these days, both gamers and entrepreneurs alike, don’t want complicated and slow processes. Mobile app developers make sure that these are made simple and easy to use within devices that are tiny, light and easy to carry. For reports or presentations, you no longer need pen and paper or marking pen and clipboard, when technology is available. For a vantage point, learn to adapt to the latest technologies and changes to achieve progress without much effort.

2. Substantial data captured real quick

Where before you have to collect data manually before uploading it to your business processes, today with the use of mobile apps, you can capture rich data in real time. The best part, such data isn’t only the textual type but also, photos, numbers, signatures and even GPS locations, all on a mobile phone/device app.

The result? Data visibility is increased. You don’t need to be in the field to collect data. Instead, using the apps allows you to formulate vital decisions even while you’re sitting in front of your desk while at the same time, getting the needed data real quick.

3. Work (and play) the way you live

In today’s digital world, there’s no other way but, to adopt mobile apps in your normal life. It’s so convenient for socialization, shopping, amusement, even organizing events. While smartphones make personal lives comfortable, they’re also capable of making work convenient.  With the development of mobile business applications, field-based workers are now able to make effective decisions right there and then. Likewise, gamers will always find time to enjoy their favorite games after work without waiting to get home.

The Edge Of Mobile Apps Over Tradition

If you’re in traditional business, you must be pretty familiar with its operational foundations, that is on paper-based methods. Continued use of such can become highly ineffective because of slow turnaround times, not to mention incurring numerous errors and giving you poor operational transparency.

In terms of visibility, you have to scan several pages manually with your fingers before you can view a page report. With a mobile app, just one light tap will get you to your desired page in a second. This is the reason why app developers like Just Simply Apps has taken advantage of the unprecedented opportunities that mobile apps have to offer. Becoming prolific as they are, mobile apps greatly contribute to streamlining your business.

So, if you want to experience convenience at home and work, download and install more useful apps. For total entertainment, grab our canyon rush free mobile games application now and see for yourself.

Your Company App: The Development Process of Free Mobile Games Apps

The application era is here. It’s a livng, breathing organism – fueled by creative minds providing functional and entertainment values for the world to take solace into. Apps are the present, and the future. No doubt about it. Like it or not, it’s how the tech world is paving its way to defining and redefining itself. Now both traditional and tech companies have to keep up.

Any marketing and forecasting expert can see that developing an application dedicated to providing information or exending the services of a company is vital in keeping any company relevant. This decision should be made a few years ago internally. And that decision should be kept on development until fruition is achieved. The world is in the smartphone revolution, and apps are the heartbeat that makes them become a necessity – and to download free mobile apps has now become a way of life rather than a common novelty.

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The Deciding Process

Deciding on a dedicated company app should be something that any company is seeing in the near-distant horizon. There is absolutey no reason not to go into the application genre; when you want your company to be seen, you need to keep up with the times.

The initiative to launch a company app should be administered through a vote, or a deciding body. The idea, however, in its earliest form, should be started by the local IT department. When there is no IT department on the company, the marketing people should have this on their projects arsenal. On many cases however, the top management initiates and decides on this endeavor.

The next process is raising the project to the administrative and finance department. This phase commences numerous meetings, product development, and idea generation. A significant part of this phase is to make sure that opinions, ideas and breakthroughs should be documented, reviewed and polished to perfect the pre-formed product.

After this phase, development comes in. When the ideas are pooled into a one-string, consistent and singular theory, coding it comes next. There are two options to delegate this phase: whether to hire external resources, or give the tech guys in the company the job.

Internal development is more reccomendable of course. This is to control information and confidentiality. Plus, it also keeps the files and concept to the company’s side. This means better control when the app crashes, lesser cost, and accessibility to radical changes.


Releasing a beta form of an app is like a soft launch. It can be done two ways: let the public beta the app, or invite or let the people in the company use the app. Beta-ing is done to make sure the app is ready when launched, and there is a sense of completeness in its earliest form. It also tests the app or game’s capacity to interact with users from different platforms – should the company decide to launch the app in multi-platform OSes.


Part of the internal decisions on meetings is to decide whether the app be paid or free. For most service companies, apps should be free – as it becomes a token of goodwill which also moonlights as a promotional tool. When a company releases an app other than to produce profit, free mobile games apps should be considered. Complementary apps are also recommendable, e.g., a separate app, and a complementary game for the app.

Mobile Apps – Why More Businesses (and Consumers) Are Using Them Today

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If you  think the main reason why many go online today is just to browse the Internet, think again. According to recent data from the International Telecommunication Union, 77% of the world’s population (or five billion people) are online not through their laptops or desktops, but on their smart phones. A whopping 41% of people who have smart phones also use their devices for purchasing goods and services. This perhaps explains the meteoric rise in “apps”, or mobile applications. Let’s look at the reasons why more businesses and consumers are using mobile apps today.

What Is A Mobile App?  
A mobile app or application is an Internet application designed to operate on smart phones and mobile devices. A mobile app helps users connect to different Web services that were previously accessed on desktops or laptops. Why the meteoric rise in popularity? It’s because you can easily download free mobile apps, as well as get other useful apps for a very minimal fee.

Mobile apps come in different shapes and sizes too, and they perform specific tasks from games to weather reports, news updates, stock quotes and more. According to industry observers, the number of paid and free mobile games and apps download has reached 49.2 billion in 2013, as compared to only 2.5 billion in 2009. This represents a twenty-fold increase in app downloads in just four years.

What Are The Most Popular App Categories?
According to app industry observers, the largest upsurge in users was shown in  messaging and social apps, which grew by 203 percent in 2013 alone. This was followed by utilities and productivity apps (149%), music, media and entertainment (78%), lifestyle and shopping (77%), mobile games apps download (66%), sports, health and fitness (49%) and news & magazines (31%).

Today’s App Users Are Younger, More Educated And More Moneyed
Another reason for the meteoric rise in mobile apps usage is because income levels are rising among the younger and more educated segments of society. And with mobile phones penetrating deeper into our daily lives, they’ve become more powerful as laptops and handheld devices, and a new range of computing applications have been created around them too. This enhanced mobile connectivity is now changing the way people share ideas or creations, how they interact, how they download stuff like the canyon rush free mobile games application, and how they exploit other vast libraries of material generated for the Worldwide Web.

The Phenomenon Has  Led To The Mushrooming of App Developers
The surge in mobile app users has also made many businesses and companies (who previously didn’t mind the mobile phone segment) reconsider their strategies, and quickly join the rush in developing new apps.  As of 2011, the world’s largest mobile app stores were Apple (with 400,000 + apps), Android (230,000+), GetJar (160,000+), Mobihand (158,000+), PocketGear (90,000+) Mobango (82,000+) and Handango (44,000+).

The most popular apps created include games, weather apps, social network, map/search apps, music and news apps. Who would have thought that the once-lowly foxy adventures free mobile games application developer has now gained global fame, and big businesses are now rushing to team-up with them too?

This 2014 (and perhaps in the next four years) mobile app installations should rapidly increase, not just weather or mobile games apps free downloads. According to the Yankee Group, a popular mobile research and advisory firm, global mobile app downloads will grow by double digits between now and 2018, which means that we’ll see a rise from 134.15 billion downloads to 341.8 billion.

What’s more interesting is that consumers are going to use the paid, and free mobile games apps not just once, but perhaps five or six times more within an average of six months. More and more businesses too will be placing ads on these free apps, which should result in a wider market coverage (and higher financial benefits) for them.

Mobile Applications: Virtual Work Space and Marketing in One

There’s no doubt that smartphones make up the majority of mobile phones in use today; with people using the same to surf the internet slowly overtaking that of using desktop computers. Phones are no longer just for calling or texting people to stay connected. They often have the same functionality as tablets – smaller, more portable version of laptops.

People continue to take advantage of this heightened mobility, often relying on mobile applications to take care of certain tasks even while they’re not at their work desks. In a way, this makes it easier for people to get the job done. One can download free mobile apps for these, or they come already installed on the phone upon purchase of the unit.

For both big and small businesses, mobile apps can help make particular tasks easier – checking email, for example, sharing work documents, and the like. The growth in this sector has helped create something of a virtual office; at the same time, it can also help with marketing.

There are several firms, such as Just Simply Apps, that focus on creating and developing apps for companies, since a mobile app is a surefire way to help them make life easier for their clients.

Whether users want to access information or use certain services, they’re still becoming more and more mobile. If they can contact a certain firm directly, or find the information they want quickly, they’re more likely to have a better relationship with that firm, or will lean towards buying that firm’s products.

What are some tasks that apps can help businesses with, when it comes to marketing?

A company won’t make any sales if it isn’t known; the same may happen if a prospective customer doesn’t know what the company is selling. This is where product catalogues come in.

However, if the webpage isn’t optimized for use with a smartphone, this can pose a problem or two. A dedicated mobile app for browsing the catalogue would help avoid them.

Speaking of company promotion, location-based notifications can alert users in the area to store events, such as a midyear sale, or a stock of new products. Not only does this give possible clients incentive to visit the store, but it also updates existing clients and ensures repeated visits.

Businesses may instead opt for the entertainment side of mobile apps, rather than information. They may choose to develop a game that features a new product or service. At the same time, they could include a button that leads players to the company website.

If there were investors who funded the project, they also get an opportunity to gain exposure for themselves at the same time. Thus, this course of action benefits both parties. The users then would have a mobile game they can play on the go, and they can learn about the companies behind the game.

No matter the case, apps don’t need to be too elaborate, since they’re built for mobile platforms. As long as the basic functions are there and are easy to understand, clients will be able to use them.

Whether you choose to market through offering downloads of free mobile games apps, or focus more on function and communication, you’re sure to reach a wider audience. Just look around for an application developer, like Just Simply Apps, and you’re on your way to cost-effective marketing.

Download Free Mobile Apps, Mobile Marketing Strategy | Using Apps To Gain A Competitive Edge

The rise of touchscreen technology was like an explosion in the technology wall. A new area, ripe for exploration and expansion, was breached. With the tablets and smart phones came the mobile applications. And the programming industry was never the same.

Mobile apps are poised to dominate the marketing industry. How many people download free mobile apps in a week? Apple’s App Store and Android’s Play Store are constantly updated with fresh, new apps for users to download.

Just Simply Apps

Just Simply Apps

Everyone who owns a smart phone uses it for more than just calling and texting. Users are constantly on their phones, updating, downloading, or playing with apps. The smartest move you can make for your business? Invest in a mobile app. Here’s why.

Build Brand Awareness

Designing your own mobile app is a lot more effective in terms of brand awareness rather than posting an advertisement in another app. Users rarely pay attention to the advertisements that pop up on the sides of the screen. They see it more as an annoyance than anything else.

If you have your own mobile app, chances are, the people who downloaded it want to hear from you. The more useful features you pack in your app, the more they’re going to use it, the more they’re likely to advertise it to their friends. If it’s the kind that links to the user’s social media site, even better. Once you’ve cemented your position in your client’s device, you’ve basically cemented your position in their lives.

Customer Care

Do people still write letters to Customer Care, or do they send e-mails? Is it easier for people to send an e-mail, or do they prefer instant chat? This is the age of speed and simplicity. People don’t want things slow and complex. They want immediate answers, immediate solutions, immediate attention.

A mobile app can offer that, and so much more. Customers like it when they’re given information the moment they ask for it. It can be very hard to do if you’re still dependent on e-mails and phone calls.

Take for example Debenhams’ mobile app, or Domino Pizza’s. Debenham’s app allows customers shopping in-store to scan the bar code of a particular clothing item to see the price, the available sizes, and even reviews of that item. Practical and much quicker than calling a saleslady over. Domino’s app includes customization menu, and toppings, plus a pizza tracker.

The tracker updates customers on what stage their pizza is in during preparation and delivery, eliminating the need for the person to continuously call, asking where their pizza is.

Information Dissemination

Push Notifications are the best way to update a smartphone user. With the multitude of applications in a user’s phone, no one has the time or patience to check them all. Push notifications work like Facebook notifications. They let a user know if someone commented on their status, liked their photo, or followed them on Twitter.

If you have an upcoming event, Push Notifications are sure to work best for people with your app. Users like being “the first to know”, and they like it even better if it comes with a reward. Incentives for people with the app will encourage more downloads. As long as it’s free mobile games apps and other iStore and Play Store downloads won’t be dying out any time soon.

Free Mobile Games Apps | The Newest Marketing Tool for Promoting Your Business

In today’s generation, technology has made it easier for those entrepreneurs to use mobile games and apps to promote their business. Not only does this method cost lesser, but this also boosts productivity and give your business a stronger hold on the market.

It’s a really good idea to utilize free mobile games apps to build up the name of your business. However, you must carefully plan out the kind of apps that will be most effective and a perfect match for your company.

Just Simply Apss

Just Simply Apss

The Benefits of Using Mobile Games

There are a lot of uses for mobile apps, this includes a payment model that will allow consumers to swipe their phone instead of carrying credit cards. However, those gaming apps can unlock the door to a whole new promotional possibilities. Examples would be giving rewards for beating the level, or offering in-house purchases to help unlock a new level of the game.

Since people love a good challenge, using these mobile games as a tool to promote your company will allow you to tap in that area of human nature. Moreover, business owners will have a chance to reach their target audience wherever they might be located.

Three Steps for Incorporating Mobile Gaming

1. Get your website in order

You wouldn’t want your customers to be unimpressed by your actual business after playing a catchy and fun game. Prevent this from happening by developing an e-commerce site that’s user-friendly, secure and visually appealing.

Make sure that your website is fully ready before you make a big launch. In fact, this is just easy to achieve once you have credible app developers by your side. So, once these are all sorted out, you can move to the next level of promotions.

2. Develop your website for mobile visitors

When your website is optimized for mobile visits, your potential customers will enjoy a user-friendly experience whenever they open it from their smartphone or tablets. This is done by using your existing website and presenting it for smaller screens.

One if the things that need to be tweaked are the navigation tools so that they can be accessed through a touchpad instead of a mouse. From there, you can have the experts link your website to the game.

3. Create mobile game apps for your business

Those games with relatively simple designs are, surprisingly, considered to be the best apps. It’s helpful to think how these programs really work.

Most of the players are trying hard to beat their own score or they play to unlock new levels of the games. Then, tie this to your business by rewarding the users with some coupons, free shipping and more freebies whenever they beat a certain level.

Another use for these apps is to boost the introduction of your brand by asking the viewers to register their personal details for them to gain access to the games. Purchases connect to the mobile app, whenever they want to buy something, they will get a code to give them an edge in the game of for them to unlock a new stage.

When it comes to offering free mobile games and apps download, you’ll enjoy endless possibilities. With this kind of promotional opportunity, you’ll get the chance to keep your customers and at the same time, attract new ones!

Have No Fear, Just Simply Apps is Here

In a technologically advanced world, you can never stop learning new technology. They just pop out everywhere significantly affecting how the world revolves and how it functions. Just like that. During this technological revolution there is one unnoticeable giant that has come to basically overpower everything.

This is the unification of almost all devices through the use of web and online technologies. And one of the giants that riding the wave of this era is Microsoft and their new metro-style apps. Just Simply Apps want to ride the wave with them as well.

Metro-Style Apps or “Metro Apps” is a revisited, re-imagined and reinvented version of how applications are developed and distributed in the windows operating system. The Windows 8 operating system and its hardware counterpart Microsoft Surface, Windows 8 Phones and Windows 8 Desktops are trying to revolutionize how applications interact with hardware and each other. With metro apps you can build a single application and distribute it to different Windows platforms with just a single build.

Everybody (including is already starting to try and grab this beast while it’s still young. Developers all over the world are scratching the surface of this technology. You can already build metro-apps for your own computer and distribute them by sending the installer created in Visual Studio for Windows 8 RC.

But what’s the use of having a unified easily distributed application when you still need to submit installers via FTP, Email etc.? Well this is what Microsoft Store is for; Microsoft App Store is basically like the Android Market and Apple Store where you can distribute, download and install all the apps into your devices.


Unfortunately Microsoft Store is just for selected companies and developers for now and is still closed for public application. Luckily however there are organizations and groups like DevCon (Developers Connect) Philippines that are organizing Windows 8 and Metro app events to help developers get the edge. And that’s where your journey starts.

Our web developer Alex has been invited along with 50 other developers to learn, improve and engage in Metro Style App development and get a chance to run along-side the big players in the Microsoft market. This will be a series of training’s where participants will learn to build metro apps. If one gets selected for the top 20 developers that impress the audience, then a big once
in a lifetime chance will come. The organizers will decide if the participant’s app is worthy to be up in the Microsoft Store just waiting for the public to see in front of the line.

So this is us praying he will be one of those lucky 20 developers. Keep your fingers crossed and keep your eyes on our website If you’re keen to know more about apps or have one specially built, then go to the website and drop us a line.